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Here’s what the Android 10 beta brings to the Xiaomi Mi 8

Xiaomi has introduced the Android 10 beta to another one of its smartphones, so here’s all the software goodness that’s heading right to the Mi 8.

The full Android 10 experience will soon be heading to a boatload of Xiaomi phones, but the beta will be the first chance to look at what’s in store before it arrives. Packaged along with the new operating system is the MIUI 11 skin, which offers some new features of its own.

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According to TME.net, the new software features coming to the Xiaomi Mi 8 with MIUI 11 include power-saving modes and added security, but there’s little change to the actual interface itself. In fact, we’d like to see more changes made to the fairly heavy skin which doesn’t look particularly attractive or feel as flexible as simple stock Android software.

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The biggest changes to the system may instead come via the main Android update, which will include Live Caption, Dark Theme, and full Gesture Navigation. In our review of Android 10 we had particularly high praise for the first of these features, which accurately transcribes a live conversation; but we were a bit less impressed by the highly-anticipated dark mode, which is not well optimised across all apps. Overall, we found that the upgrade was not particularly significant, and you’ll only really notice it if you seek out the new features.

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Xiaomi has got a packed schedule of software updates coming up soon. We fully expect its Android One handsets, including the Xiaomi Mi A3, to receive the Android 10 update, while its premium phones such as the Xiaomi Mi 9 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 will also be expected to upgrade to the new operating system in short order. Even more phones will receive the MIUI 11 update, which is supported by Android 7.1 onwards.