Watch: Mystery tri-folding phone could trump the Samsung Galaxy X

The folding Samsung Galaxy X is the most anticipated smartphone release of 2019, but it might not be the only flexible handset on the block.

A new video leak has revealed a mystery new folding device, with a tri-fold design that appears to be fully functional.

The video was published by @evleaks, who played the role of messenger without speaking to the authenticity of the device itself. He was told it was “allegedly made by Xiaomi”.

So what the device itself offer? Well the video shows a tablet mode showing Google Maps. However, the device is then folded back on itself from both the left and the right hand size.

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This creates a smartphone-like, palm-sized device, with the user-interface switching from tablet mode to smartphone mode.┬áThat’s different from the Samsung Galaxy X form factor, which has an outer display that opens outward to reveal a new, larger screen.

Once Google Maps is closed, the traditional homescreen interface appear, with users able to switch between home screens by swiping left and right. The execution of the concept seems a little more user-friendly than the Samsung interpretation.

If the device is real and is made by Xiaomi, it would tie into rumours that the Chinese firm has been working on a foldable phone. Google did discuss a pair of foldable device form factors during its own development conference and way back in April it was rumoured that Google and Xiaomi were working on a device together.

Google, of course, recently revealed a new foldable category for the Play Store, offering tools for developers who might seek to adapt their apps for the new wave of mobile devices.

Do you think foldable phones will be the biggest mobile story of 2019? Are you going to pay the significant premium to nab the Galaxy X with the Infinity Flex display? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.