Xbox One S 1TB and 500GB console UK price, release date and FIFA 17 bundles revealed

Microsoft’s slimmed-down Xbox One S is now official. Here’s where to buy it, including all the best deals and cheapest bundles for the 500GB, 1TB and 2TB Xbox One S now it’s started shipping and is set to release in the UK shortly – plus the hottest bundles.

As expected, the Xbox One S was unveiled not long ago, and Microsoft’s new slimmed down console has proven immensely popular with gamers – so much so that it’s been nigh on impossible to order one, especially here in the UK.

We recently learnt that the intermittently available 2TB Xbox One S console was an exclusive launch edition, which made the fact that we knew little to nothing about the UK availability of the 500GB and 1TB consoles.

Some light has now been shed, with Microsoft announcing over at Gamescom in Germany that the UK and Europe will see the less capacious One S machines released on September 22, with the 500GB Xbox One S priced at £249 and the 1TB version selling for £299.

Microsoft also revealed that a FIFA 17 bundle would form part of its initial offering, which can only be a good thing, though further details are still scant – other than the price and release date, we haven’t heard any additional pre-order details.

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How to Buy the Xbox One S – Best UK Deals

Limited stock and high demand of the Xbox One S has most of the usual go to suppliers as currently out of stock of the console. We’re still waiting to hear more about availability of the 500GB and 1TB consoles, but right now a few retailers have the 2TB Xbox One S back in stock, including the eagerly anticipated Gears of War 4 Limited Edition hardware.

As of August 16, that’s available to reserve from GAME and Argos for £400 – which actually isn’t that bad of a buy when you consider that unscrupulous third-party sellers are flogging the 2TB variant for up to £500 without a game, let alone the sweet custom designed console.

Alternatively, Zavvi has a 2TB Xbox One S console sans game on the block for the normal £350 asking price, and it’s apparently shipping immediately:

A variety of other UK retailers have also offered the One S in the past, so it’s worth checking out the following outlets as well, unfortunately many outlets are now listing the console as out of stock:

How to Buy the Xbox One S – Best US Deals

Xbox One S IR

The Xbox One S is similarly sought after in the States and expected shipping dates have been appropriately adjusted – unless you staked your claim early on and pre-ordered, you’re unlikely to be getting one in the immediate.

But the deals are arguably a bit better over the pond and you can choose from all three storage models, provided you’re happy to wait.

The best value is probably the pair of new Xbox One S bundles just announced by Microsoft in the US. These feature a 1TB console, new release game or collection of classics, and will set you back at most $350 – that’s about £265 before VAT and not adjusting for the current state of the UK economy.

Choose from either Madden 17 or the cheaper Halo Collection package:

The Xbox One S is also still available from Amazon US in all its variants:

Xbox One S in brief

The main differences between the Xbox One and the Xbox One S are that the latter is 40% smaller and supports both 4K and HDR video (but not 4K gaming). It’s not more powerful, comes in three storage variants (500GB/1TB/2TB), and has a an all-new bundled wireless Xbox One controller.

Your best Xbox One S UK deals are right here, or scroll down ever slightly to check out the top Xbox One S US bargains.

But first, let us explain the key differences between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One.

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Are you planning to buy the Xbox One S? Seen any other deals? Let us know in the comments below.