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Kinect Sports dev understands why core gamers question Xbox One Kinect relevance

Rare has confessed that it understands why core gamers are questioning the relevance of the Xbox One Kinect.

Microsoft made the decision to include the Kinect in the box with every Xbox One from launch, pushing the console’s original RRP to a lofty £429, and £80 dearer than its rival the PS4.

Rare, developer of upcoming Kinect Sports Rivals for the Xbox One, explained that the Kinect could be alienating core games.

“If you’re a pure gamer, if you’re only buying the console for video games and you only want to play games with the controller, I can understand why you may question [the Kinect’s] relevance, at least initially,” said Andy Dennis, Software Director at Rare speaking to TrustedReviews.

The Xbox One price has been officially slashed by Microsoft in the last month, with the price falling to £399.99 complete with a free copy of Titanfall

Meanwhile, the PS4 has been consistently out of stock since it was launched in November.

Dennis stated that Kinect should be a puzzle piece in the larger picture of the Xbox One as an all-encompassing entertainment system rather than entirely gamer-centric like the PS4.

“If you look at the bigger picture, if you look at Xbox as an all-in-one offering for the living room, it has got to do triple A content, but it’s also got to be media player and offer games for a more casual audience as well. I think then the camera starts to make real sense.”

“If you look at the important of voice navigation as well as the skeleton tracking and the facial recognition that we’re doing, it absolutely makes sense to have it in the box.”

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Update 11:15, 17/03/2014: The headline of this story has been changed for greater clarity.