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Xbox One backed by Blockbuster, despite Microsoft’s rental ban

Blockbuster has confirmed it will be supporting the Xbox One come launch, despite Microsoft’s ban on playing rented games on its next-generation console.

Microsoft has said “loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch” for the next-gen console, but this hasn’t stopped Blockbuster from openly backing the Xbox One.

The UK rental and retail chain will be stocking the Xbox One when it launches later this year, with Xbox One pre-orders already smashing all of Blockbuster’s 24-year records.

“We are delighted to be a key launching partner for Microsoft and are working very closely with them to ensure the success of the Xbox One at Blockbuster”, said Blockbuster’s Head of Products James Morton. “Customer reaction in-store and online has been extremely positive, which has been reflected in our record-breaking pre-order campaign for this highly anticipated console.”

Gamers can pre-order the Xbox One via the Blockbuster website for a £20 deposit fee. By doing so they sign up for any Xbox One release date and price updates and are pretty much guaranteed to get the console come launch.

The DRM and second-hand game policies for the Xbox One have caused heated discussions and criticism towards Microsoft since the console was launched last month. Microsoft has already said that it has “designed Xbox One so game publishers can enable you to trade in your games at participating retailers”, but will not allow “loaning or renting” at launch. Although it is “exploring the possibilities with [its] partners.”

“We are really pleased with the continued development of the games business at Blockbuster and will have further announcements following discussions with Microsoft at E3,” added Morton.

These discussions could lead to some sort of deal between the two companies, and with Microsoft’s pre-E3 press conference less than an hour away, we won’t have long to wait to see if there are any updates.

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Via: MCV