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Xbox One and PS4 gaming to be ‘pretty much the same’ says developer

The gaming experiences offered by the Xbox One and PS4 will be ‘pretty much the same’ a leading developer working on next-gen titles has suggested.

With much hoo-hah surrounding the whole Xbox One vs PS4 battle and which next-gen console will be better for gamers, Craig Sullivan, Creative Director on EA’s Need for Speed: Rivals title has weighed in on the debate, claiming the gaming experience of both consoles will be largely similar.

“To be honest, I think they’re going to be pretty much the same,” Sullivan said whilst discussing the gaming credentials of both the Xbox One and PS4 with VideoGamer. Despite currently working on a game which will launch for both next-gen consoles later this year, he added:  “Nobody’s played the same game on finished hardware yet, so you can’t make a comparison.”

While Sullivan has suggested that there will be very little in gaming capabilities between the two devices, it appears that Sony is winning the early battles on multiple other fronts over its Microsoft branded rival.

Last week the PS4 price was announced at £349, some £80 cheaper than the £429 Xbox One price which has been confirmed. This, along with criticism surrounding the Xbox’s DRM constraints and permanent internet requirements has seen the PS4 overtake the Xbox One in pre-order charts.

Delving further into how the two consoles will shape up on a purely gaming front, Sullivan added: “I think it’s all down to how the development teams use those systems. It’s not necessarily about horsepower, it’s about the game experience you want to create and how you best use those systems. We will push them as far as we possibly can.”

Discussing Need for Speed: Rivals and the franchise’s move to the Battlefield 4 utilising Frostbite 3 engine for next-gen releases, he claimed the move will help EA better utilise the power offered by the next-gen consoles.

“We’re going into a new generation of hardware… We’d be crazy not to harness the power of that stuff,” he said. “The game looks amazing. I think it’s by far the best looking Need for Speed game ever. The cars look amazing.”

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