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Microsoft’s latest Xbox controller is a “greaseproof” monstrosity

When you’re on the lookout for a new controller, we imagine you’ve got a couple of things on your mind. Maybe something with a couple of extra buttons to bind macros to. Perhaps something with a wired connection to reduce input latency. Or maybe a controller that can put up with your greasy fingers?

In a bizarre move timed to coincide with the release of version 1.0 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One, Xbox Australia has produced a special edition Xbox One controller that features a special urethane coating that’s apparently “resistant to grease and oil”.

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Of course, a greaseproof controller isn’t exactly a must-have item (wash your damn hands people), which is why only a limited quantity of these controllers are going to be produced.

There’ll be 200 manufactured in total, which will be individually numbered. If you’re based in Australia then you can head over to the territory’s Xbox Facebook page for a chance to win one of five controllers.

Winner winner chicken dinner

So why does Xbox expect your hands to get so greasy? Well, it’s because of all those chicken dinners you’ll no doubt be chowing down on with each victory in PUBG 1.0.

The update, which finally brings the game out of early access on Xbox One, brings its third map (called ‘Sanhok’) to the game. Sanhok is the smallest of PUBG’s three maps at just 4km x 4km, and results in games that are much shorter and more intense.

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The game’s fourth map, based in an unnamed snowy location, is expected to arrive in winter alongside “new mechanics built around the snowy terrain”.

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