Xbox 360 65nm GPU Coming 08/08?

Fly rumour on wingéd feet.

Predicting the best part of a year into the future is a tenuous business at best in the technology industry, not least with a huge company like Microsoft, but according to the same source that brought us the news of the 65nm CPU-fitted, Falcon, Xbox 360s we can pencil in next August for the shipping of systems packing AMDs smaller fabrication GPU.

The codename for this one is Jasper, which leaves me lost for witty puns, but does raise some questions. Not least of these is just why we’re being told that the GPU shrink will be coming nearly three years since the consoles original launch – not to mention that we’ve had 65nm desktop CPUs for years now.

Obviously the major benefit for the consumer will be the reduced heat output from the console, with both CPU and GPU on the smaller fabrication we may see Microsoft finally able to use some quieter fans and, of course, a reduction in the number of Red Ring of Death sufferers.

A die shrink should also allow for some cost reductions for Microsoft, which some think could lead to a price drop at the same time. With Wii already rivaling the Xbox in both popularity and price and the recent PlayStation 3 price-drop, the fight for console supremacy clearly isn’t over yet.

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