X1900 Went On Sale Before It Existed

Retailers break all kinds of rules.

Being the honest chaps that we are we don’t ignore the company NDAs sent to us. There’s plenty of other stuff to write about and we appreciate the extra testing time we wouldn’t otherwise get with the kit. Of course, not all side with this theory: some choose to publish ASAP and others choose to flog it!


This is exactly what happened with ATI’s X1900 cards at the end of last week. Just out of NDA today at 2pm (which is why you’re reading about it now) that didn’t stop several firms – which will remain unnamed – flogging off the flagship X1900 XTX for in excess of $750.

It wasn’t just the XTX either, the complete family made an appearance and no doubt there are a few of you out there who have been gaming with them all weekend. As per usual, you can check our greyhound out the gates review here for the full low down, but in short 48 pixel pipelines, a 650MHz core and 1550MHz memory feels Roadrunner fast.

At the time of writing we have no word what reprimands ATI took with its line crossing resellers but given that the company is based in Canada it’s likely to have involved igloo imprisonment, forced blubber eating and a healthy portion of Mountie love…