WWE 2K19: release date, roster, latest news and wishlist

WWE 2K19 release date – When’s it coming out?

WWE 2K19 is expected to launch in October 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. While a Nintendo Switch release will probably be on the cards too, this will likely arrive at a later date. If nothing else, 2K will want to avoid the issues experienced on the Switch with WWE 2K18, even if that means a little more time in development.

With that said, the publisher made it a 2017 goal to ensure the PC release date was the same as the as the console versions, so there’s every chance 2K will follow suit  with WWE 2k19 on the Nintendo Switch.

WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 Roster

As each year passes, WWE 2K looks to boast “the biggest roster yet”, and WWE 2K19 will surely be no different. WWE 2K18 featured more than 170 WWE superstars, which suggests this year’s iteration will have 180, at the very least.

As ever, there’s likely to be a legendary star taking centre stage, in the vein of Kurt Angle in 2017 and Bill Goldberg the year before. Hopefully, developer Visual Concepts manages to get as many famous faces from the past to sign up as possible. We’ve never seen Repo Man in a game, for example, so why not try to leave no stone unturned?

WWE 2K19 News – Will there be multiple versions?

2K will announce collector’s editions at some point that offer a greater number of wrestlers, exclusive merchandise, the season pass and Supercard content, too. WWE may even associate a different superstar with these editions to allow them to stand out further, much like they did with John Cena in 2017.

WWE 2K19

Whatever digital content is included will eventually be released as standalone DLC as well, so don’t be too worried if on release it falls a little out of your price range.

WWE 2K19 Cover – Who’s on the box?

It’s always fascinating to see who WWE and 2K choose to be WWE 2K’s cover star, and 2018 is especially interesting because there aren’t many options left. In the past few years we’ve had Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. That’s an exceptional list.

Given how important Roman Reigns is to the company, you have to assume WWE 2K19 will be his opportunity to shine – an idea that’s given even more weight considering he’s due to be crowned the new WWE Universal Champion at WrestleMania 34.

A close second could be AJ Styles, or even Shinsuke Nakamura if WWE is hoping to appeal to a more diverse audience.

WWE 2K19 Career Mode – What can we expect?

2K has slowly been adding and refining its Career Mode over the past few years. It’s even brought NXT into the mix, allowing you to go from developmental wrestler to WWE superstar. While this has worked well, it can feel a little structured and lacks the dynamic nature you’d expect from pro-wrestling.

WWE 2K19

Since the end of Showcase Mode, we haven’t really had a good narrative into which we can throw ourselves, so hopefully WWE 2K19 will change that. There’s always Universe Mode, which allows for a degree of freedom. However, the opportunity to have separate narratives for all the top superstars would add incredible replay value to proceedings.

It would also be beneficial to reintroduce some sort of historical content. Nostalgia – especially in pro-wrestling – is a huge plus point and gives 2K a reason to introduce legends that we haven’t seen before.

Either way, stories in wrestling are half the fun, and the games have to embrace that as much as possible. The Career Mode is the best place to do that.

WWE 2K19 – What we’d like to see

A refined engine 

Although 2K has been doing a fair job of tweaking the WWE engine every year, an overhaul of the system would be appreciated in the near future. There’s only so long an annual sports game can continue before it starts to blur into one, and WWE 2K may slowly be heading in that direction.

Ideally, a new system that encourages players to put on a good match as opposed to try to win would be fantastic. Pro-wrestling at its best isn’t really about victories or losses; it more about moments. As such, an engine that supports this would offer an experience that the series has never before seen.

It’s likely such a shift would necessitate a two-year development cycle, so we may not see it in 2019. Nevertheless, it would be a change of philosophy that would be very exciting indeed.

A better promo system  

2K’s decision to add a promo system into WWE 2K17 was without doubt a good move, and the progress made with it in WWE 2K18 showed that this concept is far from complete. If the same positives can be made with WWE 2K19, it has the potential to be the highlight of the whole game.

Interviews are integral to wrestling. So much so, that if you have this part down then you don’t even need to be talented in the ring for success to come your way. Thus, this should be prevalent in the digital world of sports entertainment, too. The overall aim should be to make every promo almost adventure game-like in its delivery, providing multiple options and paths to take your verbiage.

WWE 2K19

If each sentence can tie in to what you believe a WWE Superstar would say, I imagine everyone will be very pleased indeed.

A larger creation suite 

One of the most, if not the most, important aspects of any WWE 2K title is the creation suite. Allowing talented individuals the opportunity to craft wrestlers, arenas and pieces of attire, they’re able to add anything the developer leaves out after the fact thanks to the depth of custom options.

2K should double-down here and continue to offer as much variation as possible, encouraging consumers to keep this trend alive. There are few games as flexible as the franchise, and WWE 2K19 should go out of its way to make that clear.

A good Multiplayer Mode

No WWE game has ever had a good online mode, and a big aim of WWE 2K19 should be to address that. Connection struggles aside, there’s so much potential for online tournaments, or virtual WrestleManias, where folk from all over the world compete. It’s almost a mystery as to why this hasn’t been done already.

Admittedly, trying to incorporate all of this into a yearly release is difficult. But even if it means the studio focuses on this aspect alone, it’s something that should be considered. If it proves to be a success, it would change the foundations of the game for the better.

Thankfully, same-screen multiplayer is always great with WWE 2K titles. This simply needs to be expanded.

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