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Would you really want an Amazon Echo in your Las Vegas hotel room?

The exclusive Wynn Hotel on the Las Vegas strip has announced plans to place an Amazon Echo speaker in every room by the summer of 2017.

Proprietor Steve Wynn says the Echo will enable guests to voice control all of the smart tech in the room, such as the lights, thermostat, drapes and the television.

What won’t be available is the ability to buy stuff from Amazon, stream music or other features that could reveal the identify of the guest(s).

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Perhaps that’s wise considering the host city. We can’t imagine anyone really wants what was spoken in their Sin City hotel room streamed to the cloud. For, instance, we can’t imagine it’ll be the first time an ‘Alexa’ has been turned on in those rooms.

One would hope the history of voice requests would be wiped between guests to avoid those utterances floating around Amazon’s servers.

While the Echo is a helpful addition to most homes, placing Alexa in the hotel room setting might put some folks off staying at the Wynn. It’ll certainly be enough for many of them to turn off the microphone.

Of the addition of Alexa, CEO Steve Wynn said (via VentureBeat): “I have never, ever seen anything that was more intuitively dead on to making a guest experience seamlessly delicious, effortlessly convenient than the ability to talk to your room.

“She becomes our butler, at the service of each of our guests.”

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Would you want Alexa potentially eavesdropping on your Vegas adventures? There might be a few members of the UK tech industry happy to know this won’t be in place by the time CES rolls around next month. Share your thoughts in the comments below.