This Swedish supercar just smashed Bugatti’s world’s fastest car record

Forget Bugatti and Hennessey – there’s a new king of the road in town and it’s zooming past the competition at a monstrous 284mph.

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is now officially the world’s fastest production car after hitting a top speed of 284.55mph on an 11-mile stretch of a closed Nevada road.

Watch the Swedish supercar set the world record and make the Bugatti Veyron look like a pedal-powered go kart in the process:

The on-board footage perfectly demonstrates the staggering power of the £1.5 million machine, giving us renewed appreciation for the fearlessness of Niklas Lilja, the man behind the wheel as it reaches those ridiculous speeds.

As well as being the best card in the Top Trumps pack, the Agera RS is the ultimate in road and track versatility, offering the most extreme performance available today. according to the world’s fastest car manufacturer.

And it’s fully road legal, but we wouldn’t fancy trying to beat it for pace when the lights go green.

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