World’s Internet Speeds Measured

It is always interesting to see where in the world has the

fastest average internet connection and so we’re thankful to Panda Networks who

got through 35 petabytes of data to discover that South Korea is the place to be for

fast internet.

Of course this is nothing new as we’ve known for some time

that South Korea

has lightening fast connections – an average of 17.62Mbps at the moment. What

is a lot more interesting however is that the top five is rounded off with four

countries from eastern Europe.


(15.27Mbps), Bulgaria (12.89Mbps),

Lithuania (11.70Mbps) and Latvia (11.02Mbps) all break the 10Mbps barrier

while Ukraine

is only a couple of spots back with average download speeds of 9.52Mbps.

World internet speeds

Conversely, here in the UK,

we are lagging behind with an average speed of just 4.79Mbps while the United States

is only just ahead at 4.93Mbps. An very interesting result of the research is

that China,

which has the world’s largest internet audience, has a lowly average speed of


As we said, Panda Networks sampled 35 petabyes of data to

come to these conclusions, from 27 million downloads across 224 countries.

According to the research the slowest country in the world

is Congo

with a tortoise-slow average speed of just 13KBps – a speed which brings us

right back to the very early days of the internet and dial-up connections.

World internet speeds

Africa is home to most of

the world’s slowest internet connections where even getting access to broadband

services is a struggle and relying on mobile coverage is a better way of

connecting with the wider world – which could account for the poor results.

Panda Networks also looked at average speeds of ISPs in

certain countries. In the UK, Virgin Media came out on top with an average

download speed of 4.9Mbps, followed by BE Unlimited (4.68Mbps) and Sky

Broadband (4.27Mbps). BT was bottom of the pile of tested ISPs with a speed of


But if you really want to depress yourself, then you should see that

Dacom Crop in South Korea

has an average speed of 41.21Mbps.

It is always interesting to see where in the world we rate

in terms of internet connectivity but these results will only serve to show

just how far we need to go to compete with the world’s best.

Source: Panda Networks

via Mashable