Woolworths Dropping Xbox 360 To £130

A Microsoft initiative or Woolworths' own?

Never ones to sniff at any kind of Xbox 360 price drop in the UK – especially when the US and Japan have already seen one – we can’t help but have our curiosities raised by Woolworths’ purported upcoming price cuts. A scan of an as-yet-unreleased catalogue (sent to Engadget) indicates that it plans to drop its Xbox 360 prices by around £30 across the board.

That means that, at Woolworths at least, the Arcade SKU would sit at £129.99, the 60GB Xbox 360 at £159.99 and the Elite at £229.99. As it stands you can currently get a discontinued 20GB Xbox 360 for about £160, so it wouldn’t be that surprising to see its replacement take a similar position once stock of the older model runs out.

When these cuts will come into effect, assuming the leak is a leak and not a (pretty pointless) hoax, is unclear. Common sense, though, would suggest that catalogues are probably swapped out on a monthly basis so we’ll probably be looking at October. We’ll probably see a few more stores follow suit as we get closer to Christmas, whether Microsoft wants to initiate that or not.