Windows Home Server Due 27 August

Latest big Windows release has launch date leaked?

While Vista’s first seven months have been amongst the most troubled of any Microsoft operating system, that hasn’t stopped the company jumping in with another one…

‘Windows Home Server’, which was announced at CES by Bill Gates on 7 January will launch on 27 August according to details on Microsoft’s own Lifecycle page (grab above). The newly updated info hasn’t yet filtered down to the Windows Home Server webpage which still lists the product as coming “in the second half of 2007”.

For those not in the know, WHS is an OS targeting homes with multiple networked PCs and even Xbox 360 owners and is aimed to simplify file sharing, remote access and automated back-ups. Perhaps surprisingly however its code is based on Windows Server 2003 SP2 not Windows Vista. It also requires connected PCs to have a Windows XP or newer OS installed on all home machines.

WHS was released to manufacturers on 16 July, so this news really only nails down a date which we knew had to lie somewhere between August and September.

Expect retailers to start advertising the software any minute and those lacking the basic know-how to get their PCs chattering may find this a better solution. Personally speaking however, I’d just (re)read your XP/Vista user manual…

Windows Home Server Official Homepage
Windows Home Server Lifecycle Details

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