Windows 8 Tablet Unveiling Next Week

Despite Windows 8 still being some way off, reports are

suggesting that we may be set to see a quad-core Windows 8 tablet as soon as

next week.

Yes, that’s right folks, a Windows 8 tablet could be unveiled

by Microsoft at a conference it is holding next week, bringing some much

welcome competition to the tablet OS market, rivalling iOS and Android.

Microsoft executive, Steven Sinofsky, who has been recently

been giving us some insight into the new-look Windows 8, is set to be the man to unvile the much anticipated tablet. While Sinofsky has

so far been limiting his revalations to the Building Windows 8 blog, next week

will be a little different.

Sinofsky is set to address the audience at Microsoft’s annual BUILD developers’

conference in Anaheim, California

next week on 13 September at 9am and will show off a quad-core tablet.

Windows 8 Tablet

The manufacturer is likely to be Samsung, according to the Korea

Economic Daily, and the slate will indeed be powered by a quad-core processor. This is almost

certainly of the ARM variety and could be the much vaunted Kal-El processor

from Nvidia, which it claims will be on the market before the end of 2011.

Microsoft has previously said that it would be giving away a

quad-core tablet to every developer at the conference even giving a brief glimpse of the device (above).

With consumer versions of the Windows 8 tablets not going to

be available for another 12 months or so, the reveal next week will give us an indication of just

how tailored Windows 8 will be for touch interfaces – and indeed if there is going to be a touch-specific version of the operating system.