Windows 8 Apps Only Available From Windows Store

Windows seems to be heading down a similar road to Apple by

locking down where you will be able to access apps from, when the new

Metro-style Windows 8 launches next year.

Last week we saw Microsoft show off the new Windows 8

interface on devices from tablets to desktop PCs, based on both ARM and x86

processors. Now a new post on the Windows 8 Developer blog specifically points out that if you want to find and

download Metro-style apps then the new

Windows Store will be the only legitimate place to go.

In a move which replicates Apple’s insistence that everyone

buys their iOS apps through iTunes, Microsoft promises that this will mean the

apps will be easier to find as they will all be in one central location.

It also promises that there will be easier enforcement of

software trials and allow for in-app purchases, a feature only recently

introduced in iOS and Android.

           Windows 8 Windows Store

Microsoft promises rigorous testing of all apps submitted

to the Store and this should ensure that the Windows Store won’t have the same

amount of dross found initially in the Android Market.

Developers and enterprise users will be the only exceptions

to the rule, and will be allowed to side-load apps not approved by Microsoft.

This restriction only applies to those apps which are

designed specifically for the Metro-style UI with those looking to download

desktop apps for Windows 8 still able to do so as normal – though they may

also be available in the Windows Store as well as from manufacturers and


Windows 8 Windows Store

We, for one, like the fact that the apps which will be

available for the Metro-style UI will have to be subject to testing by

Microsoft, as it means that once in the Windows Store, we know they are trustworthy

and reliable.

Let us know if you would have preferred a more open system

or if the Windows Store model appeals to you..