Windows 7 Starter Edition Drops Three App Limit

Common sense prevails.

Microsoft has already confirmed netbooks can run any Windows 7 version but it now looks like the basic version they will be supplied with will be much better than we expected…

In a very short post Paul Thurrott’s specialist Windows site has reported Microsoft will remove the ridiculous three app limit proposed for the Windows 7 ‘Starter’ edition. Up until now Microsoft had stated it was going to enforce this restriction to assist low power systems.

Of course such an approach was nonsense considering users would, for example, have had to close one of either their web browser, email or word processing programme just to open something like the calculator, notepad or Minesweeper. That is without addressing applications that load when the system boots up.

Microsoft has yet to come out and confirm the news, but so widely reported is the change that it seems a certainty now. Whether this dose of logic will also see it discard Starter’s other daft restriction: that of locking the desktop wallpaper, remains to be seen…

*Seriously Microsoft. Really?*

via Paul Thurrot’s SuperSite for Windows

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