Windows 7 RC Released to the Masses

This is going to be one hot download.

While last week brought the running stunning revelation/slip of the tongue from Acer execs that Windows 7 will launch on 23 October, but for the here and now you’ll have to make do with the Release Candidate…

Following its release to MSDN subscribers and TechNet professionals on 30 April, today sees the hugely anticipated update given its public debut. Unlike the beta there will be no limit to the number of downloads or product keys handed out and – as revealed previously – this edition will not expire until 1 June 2010, almost 13 full months away. That said, bi-hourly shutdowns will being on 1 March 2010, while the beta will experience the same behaviour from 1 July and expire on 1 August.

There’s no need to rush in grabbing the RC though as Microsoft is holding the download window open until “at least through July” so there’s still plenty time to snap together a snazzy new system before installation (not that you should need to since 7 is far snappier than Vista).

Both 32bit and 64bit versions of the Windows 7 RC are available too so since we’re approaching mid 2009 I’d suggest those still on the fence finally take the leap and stock up on cheap system RAM guilt free.

Go grab it…

”’Update:”’ Testers, you can now also download XP Mode

Windows 7 RC Download Page