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Windows 10 is making it easier to flip people off

Microsoft will be the first tech giant to incorporate the middle finger emoji approved by the Unicode standard, it emerged on Monday.

The Windows 10 emoji keyboard will feature the politely-termed ‘Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended’ emoji, complete with a multitude of skin tones.

The middle finger emoji was approved by Unicode back in 2014, but so far the offensive symbol has been avoided by the likes of Apple and Google.

The other new emojis, the Emojipedia website reports, coming in mid-2015 with Windows 10 will bring a face with OK gesture, a new flushed face and an information desk person.

Interestingly, from a diversity perspective, the default skin tone in Microsoft’s Windows 10 will be grey, following the recommendation from Unicode for ‘nonhuman appearance.’

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It’ll be the first update to Windows emojis since 2013 for Microsoft. Whether Apple and Google will now follow suit remains to be seen.