Forced Windows 10 upgrades finally bite Microsoft in the ass

Forced Windows 10 upgrades aren’t exactly a recent phenomenon, but the ongoing saga just took an interesting new twist over in the States.

The Seattle Times reports that a Californian woman has been awarded $10,000 (about £7,500) after being forced to upgrade to the new OS.

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Apparently, the update botched her system so severely it left her computer unusable for days at a time, consequently causing her travel agency to lose money.

Microsoft customer service wasn’t able to remedy the problem, with the court noting the compensation was meant to cover lost earnings and a new system.

No, a $10,000 penalty isn’t going to cripple the tech giant, but it’s a welcome development for those of us irritated by Microsoft so aggressively pushing its new operating system.

Here’s hoping we see a similar precedent set here in the UK.

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