Will there ever be an Apple Car? Report suggests shift towards software

Apple is reportedly overhauling its approach to the Project Titan automotive product to shift the emphasis to self-driving technology.

Bloomberg sources intimate Apple is now ‘prioritising the development of an autonomous driving system’ and less on the building of a car itself.

Although Apple is ‘not abandoning’ the plans to create the fabled Apple Car, the firm may keeping its options open for partnerships with established manufacturers.

Naturally, Apple has declined to comment.

The last reports we heard related to the launch of the car were of a 12 month delay owing to staff departures and technical problems.

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Plans to release the car have reportedly slipped to 2021, but you have to wonder whether Apple may be reconsidering.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes even 2020 would be too late for Apple to jump in on the e-car game.

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If the company can, instead, pioneer software to power the next generation of self-driving cars in partnership with established manufacturers, then it could potentially save itself a lot of risk and elbow grease.

Today’s report also states Apple has hired the former head of BlackBerry’s automotive projects Dan Dodge. He’ll work under Bob Mansfield, the guy reportedly overseeing the aforementioned shift in strategy.

Mansfield, reportedly, played an outstanding role in building the iPad and the Apple Watch.

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