Wii Kinda Priced & Kinda Dated

Wii wiish you a weeasonable Chwiistmas.

I know I’ve pretty much already covered this through something I like to call a superbly educated guess, but Nintendo has decided to agree with me over its time frame and launch price for its (still stupidly named) Wii games console.


Delivering a truly stunning piece of news it has officially proclaimed the surprise hit of this year’s E3 will indeed appear in time for Santa and his slave labour elves to get them into Christmas stockings. Even more incredible is confirmation that the diddy unit will cost under $250 in America, 25,000 yen in Japan and – in a pleasant surprise – be priced with virtually no premium for UK dwellers.

The genius mathematician just begging to burst out of me (and into someone else who can actually add up) calculates a tag of around £150 is therefore likely, with £149.99 having a particularly nice ring to it.

The company also revealed its sales targets, hoping to shift six million Wiis before the end of its fiscal year on 31 March, 2007. With a PS3 expected to cost around £425 that could well be a realistic target…

Nintendo Europe

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