Why are Google, Amazon and eBay ditching support for the Apple Watch?

A growing number of major internet companies are dropping support for the Apple Watch.

AppleInsider reports Google Maps, Amazon and eBay are among the top tier apps  that are no longer supporting a watchOS extension within their iOS apps.

Google removed support a few weeks back, while newly-updated eBay and Amazon iOS apps contain no reference to Apple’s wearable.

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Although none of the companies concerned have explained their reasoning for withdrawing support, it can be assumed the Apple Watch extensions are not being used widely enough to justify the upkeep.

The highly-regarded eBay app had appeared to be particularly useful, altering bidders when their offer had been topped.

eBay Apple Watch

The use-case for Google Maps is pretty evident for those who prefer it to Apple’s own solution, while there’s nothing particularly pressing about shopping from Amazon that it needs to be done on the wrist.

The exodus of three top apps (AppleInsider also reports US retailer Target has dropped support) raises questions about whether others will follow suit.

None of the firms have commented on their reasons or whether support for the Apple Watch will be reinstated at some stage.

Is this the sign of things to come for Apple Watch users? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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