When is the next Steam Sale? Steam Lunar Sale 2019 is here, what to buy?

Steam Lunar Sale 2019: When is the next Steam Sale? All of the best Steam Lunar Sale deals

Your guide to the next Steam Sale, including all the latest news regarding the Steam Lunar Sale 2019. Everything you need to know is right here in one handy place.

Taking place regularly throughout the year, Steam Sales offer some of the year’s absolute best PC gaming deals. 2019 means an entire year of new seasonal sales that will likely crop up in the Spring, Summer and just in time for Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas.

While Valve rarely releases details of its Steam Sales in advance, the internet is pretty good at digging up details of upcoming sales and we’ve got all the latest rumours on the Steam Winter Sale.


When is the next Steam Sale? Steam Lunar Sale 2019 dates and times

The Steam Lunar Sale is live now! There are a bunch of deals and it’s running until February 12th, closing out at around 6pm local time. The server can get pretty gummed up towards the end of a sale, so get in early, eh?

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That’s all we know right now, but we can expect to learn much more in the very near future, so stay tuned to Trusted Reviews for all your Steam Sale needs.

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What are the best deals in the Steam Lunar Sale?

We’re still taking a look at this, and we’ll have a full bunch of deals for you soon. In the meantime, anyone making a payment of over £30 on a variety of games will get £5 off. Bargain, right?