What Steve Said: The WWDC ’08 Live Blog

Just because Apple didn't want to broadcast to the UK doesn't mean we can't bring you all the info as it happens.

Guess what this means people…

The usual message is there: “We’ll be back soon – we are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly” for what? Stay tuned.

”’Note: Comments from bottom up”’ (that way it’s more like the old Saturday afternoon scores vidiprinter)

Full iPhone 3G details live – there are some nasty surprises.

19:51 – That’s it! We’ve still as many questions as answers but expect the Apple site up any minute and I’ll fill you in on what Steve (chose to?) missed out.

19:44 – Price. iPhone 3G – 8GB model, $199, 16GB $299 and a white 16GB edition. Simultaneous global launch 11 July – no 32GB model? 🙁 He seems to be wrapping up, fingers crossed for an “And finally…” lots of details missing here. Size?

19:38 – GPS is in there too folks! Tracking with A-GPS to be precise (pin moves around a pre-recorded demo in Google Maps). Off line mapping? Camera? Storage? Video recording?

Coming around the globe to more than 70 countries. China and Russia seem to have been skipped…

19:37 – Battery improvements – 2G talk time up from eight hours to 10 hours, 3G talk time 5 hours (pretty darn good). 3G browsing lasts 5/6 hours, video to seven hours and audio to 24 hours.

19:31 – ”’ “We’re taking it to the next level and today’s we’re introducing the ‘iPhone 3G’ ”’ 3.5in display, FLUSH headphone jack (!), plastic back (hmmmn – less slippy apparently). Browser speed test being done: 2.8x faster at loading web pages, close to WiFi performance. Claims iPhone’s faster CPU makes gains more noticeable compared to other 3G handsets. Looks almost identical to the old phone with that plastic rounded back we all expected, no front facing camera.

Steve has skipped the camera. This could either be very good or very bad!

19:31 – It’s coming. The iPhone is being bigged up and that only means one thing… where it’s going from here. Claims 6M been sold to date. Really? Wow! Steve has just confirmed 3G is coming with global distribution and “we need to make the iPhone more affordable”.

19:27 – mobileme is going to cost $99 per year. It IS the end to .Mac – as expected, 60 day free trial. Looks like the big news is imminent, Steve is talking about the iPhone itself…

19:19 – Over the air syncing via ‘mobileme’ (looks like the new name for .Mac, as also leaked). Works like “Exchange for the rest of us” pushing Contacts, Calendars and emails (but not video or music it appears). Works with iCal, Address Book and Mail on a Mac and Outlook on the PC.

A Web 2.0 suite on the way too (me.com) lets you use email, calendar, address book, photos and more with drag and drop in a web browser. Changes made here then sent to the iPhone and your computers. Nifty Exchange alternative. iDisk access in there as well to share files without having to email. Things are looking better and this keynote is gonna be looooooooooooong….

19:15 – iPhone firmware 2.0 release in early July – oh no, another delay (not that Apple is admitting it). Will once again cost iPod touch owners $9.95 (they really are the poor relations and free for iPhone owners. With that I guess the hopes of an immediate launch are out of the window. 10Mb of less apps can be downloaded over cellular network, anything larger over WiFi (presumably that doesn’t include the 3G iPhone, which we ”’are”’ going to get, ”right” Steve?)

19:10 – More meat now: Contacts searchable (we’ve know that was coming for a long time), iWord document support (read, not write), PowerPoint added to Excel and Word support. Parental controls, a scientific calculator, saving images from email to photo library, bulk email deleting – all know already but good to see confirmed.

Mass language support, including Chinese just as anticipated:

19:05 – Background apps remain a problem (resources, battery, etc) so Apple has come up with a Push service where third parties can ping updates across to handsets. Apple will maintain a persistent IP connection with the handset. Apps can be launched from the alerts. Rather clever.

19:00 – Hack n slash God of War-esque game next. Looks good, was apparently ported in 4 days.

18:54 – Medical apps. ‘Modality’ for med students – shows different body parts and means no mobile phones in exams. We’re starting to get the point Steve… hardware time, ”please”?

Nope, more medical apps, one called ‘MIMvista’ (pun intended?). The Chase. Cut To? Anyone getting paranoid yet?

18:49 – Music based app demoed ‘Cow Terry’ features piano keys and a guitar fretboard like we saw appear on the jailbroken iPhones a number of months ago (wonder how many of those titles will go legit now?). MLB app for those who like the grown-ups version of rounders.

18:40 – TypePad, lets you blog and post photos you’ve snapped on the camera at the same time. Would’ve been ideal for now had Steve let the UK be part of all this. Also free. An Associated Press app too, but you don’t need that with TR at hand!

More games too, ‘Cromag Ralley’ a 3D racing game with a caveman theme – think Mario Kart with an accelerometer and ‘Enigmo’ a physics based puzzler again responding to your movements (passers are going to love this on a crowded bus or train). More info here and here though the pages are getting fried by hits. I’ll get some grabs up if possible.

Desktop version of Enigmo…

18:36 – Now we’re cooking. There’s a native eBay app on the way, specifically customised for the iPhone screen! Looks a lot like WiFi iTunes and users can search, bid, watch items, the whole caboodle. The whole contacts/location demo is becoming clearer too, ‘Loopt’ is a social networking tool finding friends by… yep, location and it’s be free when the App Store launches (presumably after this?)

18:31 – iPhone described as the “third major computer platform” along with Windows and Mac OS X. Linux anyone? No matter, SEGA is up with Super Monkey Ball which we saw last time. It looks great and the RRP will be just $9.99 which means those iPhone Gaming RRP leaks were as off the money as we suspected. All 110 stages will be in there too. Visual (blurry) refresher below:

18:25 – App making demo time. ‘Nearby Friends’ – a tool which links contacts and core location. It’s all drag and drop, super intuitive. Developers’ dream. Anyone would think this was the World Wide ”Developers” Conference. Other industry giants like it too like Disney and InfoWorld.

18:17 – Scott Forstall is on to talk up through the SDK itself. We know this. We’re being drip fed I tell you, drip fed… APIs and frameworks.

Developers info… yadda yadda (no offence to you code (s)monkeys(/s) monsters out there).

18:15 – The iPhone 2.0 firmware, thought we’d be getting it this way round. We’re running back over the Enterprise enhancements: Cisco VPN, Microsoft Exchange, etc and a promo video.

18:13 – Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6) will be part of WWDC and will be shown off to developers later, which probably means we won’t get much of a sniff.

18:06 – Welcome to the stage Steve! He’s doing his thank yous now and apparently we’re in for “one of the best WWDCs ever” – hope that runs true for the UK too.

17:59 – Any minute now…?

17:54 – Encouraging news: the Apple UK Store is also now down. So perhaps this whole thing won’t be distinctly US-only in flavour.

17:52 – Usual iTunes favourites playing as we wait for Steve to appear on stage. Hopefully he won’t be late this time…

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