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What is Google TV?

There’s a new Chromecast in town and it comes with Google TV, but if you missed the announcement you may be wondering what exactly is Google TV? 

What is Google TV?

After plenty of leaks Google announced its latest Chromecast and, while on the surface it looks familiar, internally it’s undergone plenty of changes – one being the introduction of the Google TV UI.

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It’s said to be based on the Android 10 OS, and according to Google the idea came about after a rethink about what content discovery should like on a TV. The number of apps  and sheer amount of content that’s now available make it difficult to easily find out what you can watch.

Google TV is meant to group together films and TV shows from your apps and subscriptions and organises them in one place so, according to Google, you spend less time scrolling for what you’re looking for and “more time enjoying content”. Your apps are gathered together in a row near the top of the page for easier access.

Any app that’s available on Android is available on Google TV, which means YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, ITV Hub, My 5, Prime Video and more will also work on Google TV.

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Google TV also offers personal recommendations based on what you’ve watched and what you’re interested in. It puts those recommendations in the ‘For You’ tab, which is collated from your subscriptions and content in other apps.

To get these recommendations, you can ask Google Assistant “What should I watch” and you’ll receive a list of popular films and TV episodes. Google TV’s Watchlist then lets you bookmark films and TV episodes if you want to watch them later on. It also works across other devices, so you can add to your watchlist on your phone and laptop and it’ll be waiting for you when you get home. With the Google Assistant button you ask questions to find specific content, such as “show me sci-fi adventure TV shows”.

And that is what Google TV is. A way of knitting and curating together all the content that you watch (or may watch) in one convenient place.