What is Facebook Portal? The creepy Amazon Echo rival explained

Facebook is building a device to rival the Amazon Echo Show, according to a new report.

Portal, the (creepy) product in question, is tipped to ship with a 15-inch touchscreen and a range of microphones – arming it with the hardware required to listen and respond to voice commands.

It will also feature a wide-angle camera that can recognise individual faces, reports Cheddar.

Right now, Portal sounds an awful lot like a clone of the Echo Show, Amazon’s video-based digital assistant, pictured above – but Facebook’s hoping its creation will appeal to a market the retail giant failed to conquer.

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The firm is reportedly hoping to take the entertainment industry by storm with Portal, offering users the option to stream content from a slew of third-party platforms, including Netflix and Spotify.

While that may sound like a fantastic idea on paper, if you want to watch an episode of Stranger Things on a 15-inch screen rather than, say, a 42-inch 4K TV, you probably already have a perfectly good laptop that’d do the trick.

Who knows? Maybe we’re missing something. After all, the information stems from one report – so there’s a chance some crucial details are still yet to be uncovered.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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