We’re Mobile Phone Luddites, Says Survey

And we're getting worse...

In news that shocks my tech-loving heart to its very core it appears that, despite the monumental efforts of manufacturers around the globe, you’re all a bunch of six fingered technological Neanderthals, at least according to Continental Research…

It has conducted a new poll which shows the stunning lack of understanding/appreciation/comprehension/education amongst users when it comes to the advanced features of their mobile phones and, what’s more, that we’re actually getting ”worse”!?!

(s)Low(/s)Highlights from the results include stats which suggest just one per cent of users have watched TV using their mobiles this year (it was two per cent in 2006), nine per cent have listened to the radio (2006: 11 per cent), 15 per cent have listened to an MP3 (no increase from 2006), 12 per cent have accessed the Internet (2006: 14 per cent, 2005: 15 per cent!), four per cent have downloaded video clips (2006: five per cent, 2005: six per cent), and so on and so on.

“For some time now mobile networks have aggressively promoted various advanced mobile services, but this approach seems to be falling on deaf ears,” said Continental spokesperson James Myring. “The numbers performing these activities remains relatively low. Whilst technical issues are part of the explanation, much of the problem is that many mobile users are simply not interested. Mobile networks trying to push these advanced features in many cases are simply knocking against a locked door.”

Defences? Well, 2007 isn’t over yet for a start and mobile networks (other than T-Mobile) have failed to grasp the benefit of flat rate data packages which make a lot of these services more desirable. Furthermore, it would be nice to know where Continental Research conducted their poll (retirement home?) and how many people were involved (Auntie Ethel, Uncle Albert and Grandpa Simpson?). Still, the picture isn’t looking much rosier.

So we can conclude? That five megapixels, HSDPA, touchscreens, GPS and multimedia playback = blah, blah, blah, blah and blah?

Since you’re readers of a (brilliant) tech site (with a simply superb news section) I hold out hope that you have far greater technological sophistication than your (seemingly doomed) fellow man. As for everyone else, is that the duelling of banjos I hear…?

Continental Research

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