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Wello iPhone case doubles as fitness tracker

Azoi has announced the Wello iPhone case, which offers health monitoring capabilities within a mobile phone case.

The new Wello iPhone case seems to offer a wealth of health monitoring features all available simply by placing two fingers in the two small sensor holes on the rear of the iPhone case – which seems rather amazing.

“Over the last two years, we have focused our efforts on coming up with a technologically advanced yet easy-to-use tool to help people monitor their health and facilitate better lifestyle choices,” said founder and CEO at Azoi, Hamish Patel. “We are proud to introduce Wello – a not so small engineering feat in microelectronics, nanosensors, imaging, data analytics and design. By putting health monitoring technology into a highly convenient and accessible mobile phone case, we hope to be able to make a real difference.”

The Wello case can measure your heartrate, blood pressure, your blood oxygen level,  your respiration and even your heart rate variability, which keeps track of your stress levels. Wello iPhone case

There’s even an ECG, which Azoi explains is a “fancy way” of saying it measures the electrical activity in your heart.The case can also measure your temperature.

A spirometer attachment is also included so you can keep track of your lung functions. It is capable of recognising your lung capacity and airflow.

Apparently it does everything with “medical grade accuracy”, but to be honest our mind is rather boggled by the idea your smartphone case could provide you with all this information.

The Wello case can also be used to track health information for multiple members of the family, with all data stored individually.

The Wello iPhone case is kitted out with Bluetooth 4.0 LE, which automatically sends all your health data to your Wello app.

What’s also interesting is that the case is compatible with third-party devices like the Fitbit Flex, syncing all its data with the app. The list of compatible devices is only set to get bigger as well.

The case has a battery life of 2 months and is available to pre-order now for £120. It will be released in summer 2014 for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

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