Welcome To The New TV Section

We're about to embark on the most ambitious High Def television reviews schedule ever seen...

You may have noticed today is the launch of a brand new TR section: TVs. There are a few reason for this

*The world, his wife and her daughter’s third gerbil’s second cousin removed are looking at buying a new High Definition TV this summer.

*The World Cup is coming (which explains point one, apart from regarding Gerbils as I have it on very good authority they are more into Snooker)

*You’re all buying the wrong stuff. Seriously, you ”are”. Do you even know there are three different HD standards?

*We’re getting an obscene amount of emails asking us which sets to buy.

So we’ve decided to get serious about all this. Until the first World Cup match kicks off on 9 June – where we pray for a glorious Costa Rican victory – we’ll be reviewing an HD TV every single day. That’s right folks we’re talking 39 reviews in 39 days IN ADDITION to our current content! I’ll also personally be upping the television news at the same time since our stats show you all can’t get enough of this topic.

So settle in, abort that ill advised trip to Currys or Comet and watch us grill all the top HD Ready televisions on the market. Wayne Rooney may not make this year’s Finals, but with the TR TV section at your disposal you certainly won’t be missing out on any of the action.

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