WEDG: a personal cloud that keeps your nude photos safe

You may have noticed nude photos being leaked after celebrities’ iCloud accounts were hacked. That shouldn’t be a problem with WEDG, as it’s a private cloud that promises to be safe as houses.

It’s effectively an external hard drive with 512-bit disk encryption that’s activated the first time you log in. Its built-in key management lets you give access to trusted friends so they can access your files.

It stores like a NAS drive, and lets you sync and share your data just like Dropbox. You can also send files as links with embedded passwords and built-in expiration dates. Don’t forget to add “This link will self-destruct in five seconds” to the message.

It’s also open to third-party apps, so developers can make their own widgets and enhance what WEDG can do.

Built-in streaming capabilities mean you can beam your movies, music and photos to your TV or device. Plus it supports Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

It’s available with an ARM or Intel chip, with either 2TB or 4TB of storage. It looks the part too, coming in a premium anodised aluminium finish, with a front facia sporting LED symbols.

If you’d like to pledge support, head to the Indiegogo page and put your money where your mouth is. The device starts at £249, and should ship in March next year. At time of writing, it’s raised £53,342 of a £71,000 goal, but with 59 days left, it should easily reach its target.


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