Watch Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers lash out at a Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has made a huge deal out of its association with the NFL and the adoption of the Surface Pro as digital playbook.

However, the company will be far from chuffed with Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers slamming the slate to the ground like a touchdown spike on Sunday.

All around nice guy Rodgers was shown on the sidelines watching back an interception play on a Surface Pro during Sunday’s surprise loss to the Carolina Panthers.

After viewing the replay, which effectively ended Green Bay’s chances, Rodgers tossed Microsoft’s pride and joy and “the official tablet of the NFL” to the ground (via Guardian).

There’s no word yet whether Rodgers will face a penalty for unnecessary roughness, while the Surface Pro’s status for next week’s game is listed as Questionable.

The Surface Pro 3 is used by coaches and players on the sideline during NFL games. The hybrid slate has replaced the traditional paper playbook for teams in the league.

Lets hope that chubby blue case offset most of the damage.