Watch: Dutch police train eagles to assassinate drones mid-air

It’s not hard to foresee a point in the near future when misused drones become an inescapable nuisance. This could be the best – and weirdest – solution yet.

Dutch police are training eagles to take on drones head on.

The eagles are taught to identify and capture drones in mid-flight – think the SAS, with actual wings.


This latest anti-quadcopter ploy is the result of a partnership between the Dutch National Police and Guard From Above, a company dedicated to training raptors.

Once the drone is apprehended, the eagle brings it back down to earth in a safe place away from people.

We’ve already seen a number of quirky anti-drone technologies surface, including a radio rifle and a quadcopter that captures its kin in an actual net.

But eagles are a simple solution that capitalises on the birds’ natural propensity to hunt and kill.

The Dutch Police say the trials will last a few months before deciding on whether to actually roll out their elite eagle squadron.

Here’s a video of the birds in action:

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What do you make of this latest attempt to get a handle on the impending drone-pocalypse? Let us know in the comments.