Watch a full scene from the Steve Jobs movie as Woz asks ‘what do you do?’

Universal Studios has posted online a full scene from the controversial new Steve Jobs biopic ahead of its limited theatrical release this weekend.

The intense two-minute twenty-second clip entitled ‘Woz asks Steve what he does’ was posted to the studio’s YouTube channel on Friday.

It features a flashpoint between the Apple co-founders Jobs (played by Michael Fassbender) and Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen) ahead of the 1988 launch of the former’s ill-fated NeXT computer.

The film, which focuses on three crucial launches in Jobs’ distinguished career in the context of personal relationships with family and colleagues.

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Early reviews have been largely positive, while Wozniak himself has offered a seal of approval.

Meanwhile, those still at the company Jobs built and then rebuilt aren’t so keen to endorse the interpretation.

Apple design guru Sir Jonathan Ive said: “I just find it ever so sad. [Jobs] had his triumphs and his tragedies, like us all. And like most of us, he’s having his identity described, defined by a whole bunch of other people. I think that’s a bit of a struggle, personally.”

The Danny Boyle-directed window into the life of the late Apple visionary hits select theatres in the US today, ahead of a nationwide launch of on October 23.

Check out the full scene below