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XCOM 2 gets new DLC expansion, War of the Chosen

Firaxis Games has announced War of the Chosen, a new expansion coming to XCOM 2 later this year.
First announced at this year’s PC Gaming Show at E3 2017, the upcoming content pack will launch on PC via Steam on August 29.

According to developer Firaxis, War of the Chosen was the result of “wanting to build something massive” at the studio.
The main enemy this time around is The Chosen, a race of alien beings intent of wiping out humanity. Sounds like the usual suspects to us.
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Much like Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System, they will eventually seek vengeance if you fail to kill them immediately, adding an extra layer of tension to combat.
War of the Chosen will also introduce several new sects and factions that will transform how battles progress and how you go about achieving victory.
Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 29, this summer is going to be a very exciting time for real-time strategy fans.
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