Wait, Apple and Samsung’s slide-to-unlock patent war is still a thing?

We honestly thought we were past informing you about the never-ending patent wars between Apple and Samsung, but alas no.

Today it emerged (via Bloomberg) that a once-quashed patent victory for Apple over its arch rival has been reinstated, meaning the latter owes the former nearly $120m.

The reason? The slide-to-unlock functionality that these two have seemingly been fighting over since the beginning of time (well, for the last 5 years).

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Apple says Samsung ripped it off from the iPhone, Samsung denies it and various juries and judges have been adjudicating on the matter ever since, much to the interminable boredom of the entire tech world.

Today’s decision – reached by the jury of judges on an 8-3 majority – also covers a second disputed patent; the quick links feature that enables addresses and phone numbers to become hyperlinked to the maps or dialer apps.

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As for the other monolith of a patent lawsuit between these two, well that’s back in court next week.

Samsung initially got its fine down from $1 billion to around half that amount (chump change for both of these companies), and will now ask the US Supreme Court to rule against those damages too.

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