Vodafone Snags Walkman Exclusive

The latest in a range with infinitesimally small differences is the V630i.

It seems Sony Ericsson really hasn’t heard the saying ‘too much of a good thing’ because it is back for the third time in less than a month with a new Walkman handset and Vodafone has gone and grabbed a UK exclusive.


As the name suggests, the V630i isn’t quite as cutting edge as last week’s W850i, but it is certainly a cut above the resprayed W800i (or the W700i to give it its chop shop name).

That said, the V630i is a polished little number, not doing anything particularly new but doing it rather well. For a start there’s a nice slim line 102 x 45.7 x 16.9mm body that weighs a portable 91g and still packs in a 1.9in 262k, 176 x 200 display and 2MP camera. There’s Bluetooth, G3 connectivity, an M2 expansion slot and a full html compatible browser. A single charge will bring with it 2.3 hours waffling via UMTS or seven hours over GSM and a hefty 350 hours on standby.

A stingy 10MB of onboard memory ensures you’ll be buying an M2 card before you leave the shop though the Radio DJ feature I prattled on about at great length here should help to compensate. A June release date has been set and while it may not set the world alight it seems perfectly respectable and is likely to be free on most monthly contracts.

Ho hum, I feel like I’ve just walked out of a Hugh Grant movie: content at not being swindled, but with memories already fading.

Sony Ericsson UK

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