Vista SP2 Release Candidate Hits Developers

Not long now until Vista once again gets slightly less rubbish.

In my blissful few weeks with Windows 7 Beta I’d rather forgotten that there was anything between it and XP – then this killed my dream…

Following on from the official announcement of Vista Service Pack 2 in December has now come news that the first Release Candidate (RC) is hitting developers this week. This means the release has been slightly brought forward – a remarkable feat for Microsoft in itself and is even followed by a bold roadmap claim that it will be Released to Manufacturing (RTM) in April and potentially available to users sometime in Q2.

The report claims the ‘language waves’ approach adopted from the previous SP3 and SP1 releases for XP and Vista respectively will again be utilised with the first batch available in English, German, Japanese, French and Spanish. The second will add to that Chinese, Korean and Brazilian Portuguese (but not Portuguese Portuguese?).

To recap, SP2 is more of an optimise and fix package than a feature-fest but highlights include: integrated Hyper-V hypervisor, Bluetooth 2.1 support, native Blu-ray burning and VIA 64bit CPU security support. On top of this Windows Connect Now (WCN) WiFi configuring, reduced sidebar resource hogging and indexer Windows Search 4 will also be in there.

So that’s that. Back to Gordon World.

You what? There ”was” an OS between Windows XP and Windows 7 beta…?

via Tech ARP

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