Vista Service Pack 2 Released

Microsoft adds further spit and polish to its not irreparably scarred OS. If only it had been this good since the beginning...

Come and get it!

Long expected, long confirmed and (given Vista should have been this good at launch) long overdue but Windows Vista Service Pack 2 has now been cast out into the big wide world and told to fend for itself.

Both 32bit and 64bit editions have been made available – weighing in at 348MB and 577MB respectively – though much of this bulk covers existing patches and bug fixes previously available (what you don’t need won’t be installed). Windows Server 2008 is compliant with each version.

Highlights include native Blu-ray recording, support for Bluetooth 2.1 and better (read: less flaky) WiFi performance when resuming from Sleep mode. Not overly thrilling but at least Internet Explorer 8 isn’t bundled with it (perhaps IE9 will sway us?). Currently English, Japanese, Spanish, German and French language versions are available with a further 31 on the horizon. Vista Service Pack 1 will have to be installed before adding SP2, beta versions of SP2 which have been available since late last year have to be removed first.

Vista Service Pack 2 is currently only available via the Microsoft Download Center (links below) and won’t hit Windows Update for some time yet. Consequently if you want Vista at its newest and most sparkly you’ll have to go through the rigmarole of a few tiring clicks. Oh the pain…

”’Update:”’ Contrary to what Microsoft told us, SP2 has hit Windows Update according to your comments. Looks like resistance is futile kids – enjoy.

SP2 32bit Vista & Server 2008
SP2 64bit Vista & Server 2008

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