Vista & Office 2007 Reach Beta 2

Like a pair of well trained synchronised swimmers ready to paddle into a tidal wave.

It is time, once again, to invoke the old buses analogies except – in this case – the buses are ginormous, petrol spewing, juggernauts ominously rolling down your sleepy high street and you’re not sure you want to hop on.


Windows Vista beta 2 and Office 2007 beta 2 were both announced this week at the Microsoft Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC). Each claims to provide significantly better stability and performance than earlier builds though the company typically stopped short of giving a breakdown of the improvements.

These stepping stones should provide a major advance in moving both products towards release, but already we are hearing whispers of further delays. In a telling remark M$ CEO Steve Ballmer said Vista could be delayed “a few weeks… (but was) on track from shipping early in the year.” Meanwhile the company has rigorously denied its Office 2007 suite will suffer any delays.


Having my two cents (pence?) as always I would argue it doesn’t matter if Office 2007 is on track or not, a great number of people interested in the software will wait to tie it in with Vista since the two are heavily interoperable. Furthermore, with the OS already scheduled to miss the Christmas period it means shameless Vista only titles like Halo 2 will be forced to sit on the back burner with the developers missing out on the industry’s busiest period.

It’s called comeuppance, yin and jang, pleasure and pain, karma and sutra. Wait. ”What?”

Windows Vista
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