Vista Gets New Performance & Stability Patch

Fingers and damns...

You may remember the ‘Vista Performance and Reliability Patch’. It seemed to improve things initially but still leaves a dodgy (at best) Vista experience.

To this end Microsoft has released a second major update just two months later which promises further improvements. Hotfix KB941649 “improves the compatibility, reliability, and stability of Windows Vista” and specifically claims to address the following issues:

*Extends the battery life for mobile devices.

*Improves the stability of portable computers and of desktop computers that use an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

*Improves the reliability of Windows Vista when you open the menu of a startup application.

*Improves the stability of Internet Explorer when you open a Web page.

*Improves the stability of wireless network services.

*Shortens the startup time of Windows Vista by using a better timing structure.

*Shortens the recovery time after Windows Vista experiences a period of inactivity.

*Shortens the recovery time when you try to exit the Photos screen saver.

*Improves the stability of Windows PowerShell.

*Compatibility issue that affects some third-party antivirus software applications.

*Reliability issue that occurs when a Windows Vista-based computer uses certain network driver configurations.

Windows Vista remains the only new OS I have ever uninstalled so I remain unconvinced, but for those of you still persevering – good luck!

In related news Microsoft has also begun shipping Windows XP Service Pack 3 to beta testers. The future of this SP has been called into question in the past but is now official and is likely to be the last for the OS. It is a hefty 1,037.24MB but will focus more on fixes and security than new features.

Still, it’s remains the devil you know…

KB941649 Patch