Virgin Upgrades 2Mbit Cable Customers to 10Mbit

Likely to make smiles widen...

While it has faced criticism over net neutrality and traffic management in the past you can’t accuse Virgin of holding back on speed…

This week the company took the unprecedented move of upgrading all its base 2Mbit cable broadband customers to a 10Mbit connection for free. The migration will take place from May and represents the largest scale speed upgrade ever to take place in the UK.

“The migration of millions of 2Mbit customers to 10Mbit is only possible because of the power of our next generation network and is just one example of how we are creating exciting propositions for consumers which provide transformational experiences and go way beyond their expectations,” said Virgin CEO Neil Berkett.

As for costs, customers will continue to pay the £15pm basic rate (when taken with a Virgin phone line) though – vitally – no details of any traffic management have yet been revealed.

If Virgin gets this right however it will likely take a sizeable leap towards making cable broadband the best value service in the UK not just the fastest

”’Update:”’ While not yet official we’re hearing some interesting information about the finer details of what Virgin has planned for its repositioned broadband services:

  • The pricing structure will not be changing. BB M and BB L customers continue to pay the same amount. The differential will be Traffic Management and access to PC Guard Total.
  • The new STM levels will not be announced until closer to the start of the upgrades in May.
  • From the 2 February Virgin has only sold L, XL and XXL anyway and the new pricing does not allow downgrading to BB M
  • For anyone on an older pricing structure, BB M disappears for good from the 9 March.

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