Virgin to Open Up Cable Network to Wholesalers

Could give BT a serious headache and keep Ofcom off its back.

If there’s one issue that really hampers the take up of lightening quick cable broadband it’s not the additional installation (that’s done for you) but the lack service provider choice. In short: if you want cable, you have to sign up to Virgin – or do you…?

According to The Guardian, the love it/hate it service provider is giving serious consideration to opening up its network to rival ISPs. The move isn’t seen entirely as entirely charitable, since it would not only better monetise untapped bandwidth but also head off any potential monopoly accusations.

Virgin currently holds 24 per cent of the UK broadband market but with its speeds increasing faster than DSL that is expected to grow – as is the scrutiny from industry watchdog Ofcom. In short it all seems a million miles away from the days when question marks were raised over the viability of the entire Virgin Media business.

Of course should the likes of technophile favourites Be, UK Online or Zen show interest in venturing into the cable broadband arena it could see an upsurge of new customers currently wary of Virgin’s strict views on traffic management and piracy.

Seems a fine plan to me…

via The Guardian