Virgin Media Relaxes Traffic Management

More megabytes for your money.

Virgin Media certainly runs the fastest broadband service in the UK, but its traffic management is also one of the most complex. So thankfully it has seen fit to now loosen the reins a little.

Highlights from the new deal see the total daily download allowance for ‘L’ (10Mbit) and ‘XL’ (20Mbit) subscribers increased from 3600MB to 4500MB and 7400MB to 10500MB, jumps of 25 per cent and 42 per cent respectively.

These allowances apply from 10am to 9pm (excluding one unmonitored hour from 3pm – 4pm for some reason) with the caps taken off at all other times. Users who break the threshold will see their speeds capped at lower speeds for up to five hours. As for 50Mbit subscribers, they have no download restrictions whatsoever.

“Today’s changes just go to highlight how the major investment in our new DOCSIS 3.0 network is enabling all Virgin Media customers to enjoy the best of today’s Web, whether viewing full screen HD video on a PC or unlimited downloads,” said Virgin Media Broadband executive director Jon James.

In all fairness to Jon, these allowances are now pretty substantial. Unlike some when the boundaries are broken Virgin chooses to throttle rather than enforce additional charges too, a frustrating, but infinitely preferable course of action.

Currently ‘S’ (2Mbit) and ‘M’ (2Mbit) customers (see what I did there?) haven’t been included in the changes, though M users are soon to get a free 10Mbit upgrade (where available) which will see their allowances increased.

Breaking everything down beyond this gets ridiculously complicated so I’ve added a full table at the bottom. In short however well done Virgin Media, just don’t get any fresh ideas about the French 3 Strikes bill

Virgin Media Traffic Policy