Virgin Media Offers Free Spotify Premium Subs

Back in June Virgin Media announced a deal with Spotify to

bring music streaming to computers, mobiles and TVs – and now it has launched

the service with customers getting up to six months of free Spotify Premium.

The new service launched today and will see existing and new

Virgin Media broadband customers get six months free Spotify Premium to enjoy,

representing a saving of around £60.

However the service is only open to new customers signing up

to the 30Mb, 50Mb or 100Mb services or existing customers of these services who sign a

new 12-month contract.

Broadband customers will be able to access the Spotify Premium

service through their PCs and it will even include a range of exclusive content

through the Spotify service, available through a new ‘VM Music’ tab in the

Spotify client.

Virgin Media broadband customers taking out a new pay monthly

Virgin Mobile contract will get a free three month Spotify Premium subscription as

part of their service. As part of the deal, customers will be able to stream or

download Spotify music through their Virgin Mobile without using any of their

mobile data allowance, eliminating any data charges when streaming music on the


One of the most interesting parts of the deal when it was

announced in June was the possibility of listening to Spotify through your TV.

This service is still coming via the TiVo service and an app developed by

Virgin Media and Spotify, which will be launched in the coming weeks.

Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at

Virgin Media, said: “The launch of Spotify on Virgin Media marks a significant

milestone for digital entertainment and the way it is enjoyed by consumers.

Great digital services are no longer just about fast broadband or the latest TV

technology, but increasingly about how people use their services to power and

excite their daily lives.”

Once the initial six- or three-month period of free Premium

subscription expires, customers will be given the opportunity to continue

paying for the service or revert to the free ad-supported version of Spotify.

Source: Virgin