Virgin Media: Half A Billion On-Demand Views Reached

That's a lot of TV!

If you want proof of the ever-growing popularity of on-demand TV then you need only look at Virgin Media’s stats for 2008. An impressive (and record breaking apparently) 516 million programmes were watched on-demand over the course of 2008, nearly 100 million views claimed by BBC iPlayer content alone.

December was a particularly busy month, with some 56 million on-demand views versus 33 million the previous year of which 41 million were iPlayer programmes – a real testament to the BBC’s content offering methinks. Also seeing large numbers of views – over a million each apparently – were single releases by Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke. Just don’t ask me why.

Virgin reckons around 52 per cent of its customers are now using its service’s on-demand capability, which isn’t bad going. Although year-on-year that’s only a 5 percentage point increase. Virgin’s figures suggest the average user watched about 30 per cent more on-demand programs this year (30 up from 27) – a better increase.

Anyone still want to dispute on-demand TV’s appeal?

Virgin Media.

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