Virgin Launches Cheapest UK Tariff

A choice of free five megapixel cameraphones too...

Virgin has already made something of a splash with its a £5pm 3G dongle package and now it wants to provide the cheapest mobile package too…

Sneaking past 3’s £9pm tariff is Virgin’s new £8.50pm package which not only matches this bundle but also provides a better selection of handsets.

Launching today users will similarly get 100 minutes and 100 texts per month but the big differentiator is whereas 3 throws in a fairly average Sony Ericsson K660i, Virgin offers the choice of an excellent Samsung G600, LG KC500 (both equipped with 5MP shooters) or Nokia’s 3120 for free. Free instant messaging also come with the Samsung and Nokia handsets for the first six months though 3 does provide this for the length of the contract.

The snag? Just as with 3 you’ll require an 18 month deal – but that doesn’t seem unreasonable. Furthermore, combine this with Virgin’s 30p per day mobile Internet access as and when necessary and you’re laughing.

Now do I hear £8 per month? Anyone for £8? £7.50p? I do I hear £7.50pm with a free Palm Pre…?

Virgin Mobile

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