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ViewSonic VG2401mh launches – a 144Hz 24-inch monitor aimed at gamers

ViewSonic added to its lineup of monitors today with the unveiling of the VG2401mh, a 24-inch Full HD display aimed at hardcore gamers.

As well as having an incredibly low response time of 1ms, the VG2401mh also features a 144Hz rapid refresh rate allowing for smoother lag-free graphics which could provide that tiny extra edge in competitive gaming. Just make sure your graphics card can push out the frames fast enough.

The VG2401mh has a few more tricks up its sleeve to show that it’s serious about gaming.

A setting called ‘Game Mode’ enhances visibility and detail by brightening the dark scenes of video games meaning you’ll be able to spot sulking campers more easily. ‘Aimpoint’, on the other hand, pops up instant and accurate crosshairs showing you exactly where you’re aiming even if the game’s gun sights are a little fuzzy. Finally proprietary Flicker-Free Technology and Blue Light Filter help to reduce eye fatigue during extended periods of gaming.

The VG2401mh includes dual HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, as well as dual USB hub connectivity, making it easy to connect to high-definition multimedia devices and gaming consoles, as well as traditional PC systems.  

The VG2401mh will come in a slim matt bezel design that allows users to swivel, pivot, tilt, raise, and lower the display for a more comfortable viewing experience.

The ViewSonic VG2401mh will be available from October 2014 with an MSRP of £249, €279, US$399 (including VAT) and joins the £399 ViewSonic VX2880ML 4K monitor available now.

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