ViewSonic Launches 28in 1080p LCD

Yet another size gets the go ahead.

While it was rather late into the 24in LCD segment ViewSonic has become the first company to release a 28 incher.

The ‘VX2835wm’ is the company’s latest monitor to date and packs a Full HD compatible 1920 x 1200 native resolution (though 2560 x 1600 would have been preferable), a lightning fast 3ms response time (especially considering the panel size), an industry typical 500cd/m2 brightness and a (perhaps disappointing) 800:1 contrast ratio.

At 176 degrees however the viewing angle is wide and, unlike many LCDs, ViewSonic has gone the whole hog and thrown in HDMI with HDCP, plus VGA, Component, S-video and Composite ports. Strangely, for all this, DVI isn’t on the list since it has been the staple connection from most graphics cards for a few years now. That said, DVI to HDMI converter are ten a penny.

Furthermore, with the VX2835wm’s RPP of just £699 including VAT and availability later this month you’ll be able to put what you save towards a swankier graphics card anyway…

”’Update:”’ ViewSonic bundles an HDMI to DVI converter in the box. Problem solved.